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What are your hours?

Our hours are Monday thru Friday 8am-5pm, Friday 8am-3pm.

What are your prices?

A diagnostic fee of $45 is required at the time of dropoff, standard repairs are $80 if work is done after the diagnostic.

My computer has a virus. How much to repair it?

Virus removal jobs are $125. We also completely optimize the system.

How long will it take to repair my computer?

It really depends on the job but our policy is to try and have it completed within 2 days after it's on our bench. Older computers may take longer if they are badly out of date for Windows updates to install.

Do you offer a Military, Police, or Fire discount?

We certainly do! It is our honor to give a 10% discount to all active or retired military, police and fire customers. It is just a small "thank you" for those that do so much for our community and nation. Please notify us at checkout.

I got a call from Microsoft telling me that my computer is infected.

Microsoft does not notify anyone if they have a virus. These calls are from a known scam. If you receive such a call, hang up and NEVER let someone you don't know remotely connect to your computer. Contact us for further assistance.

How can I possibly have a virus? I have anti-virus software!

Though an active anti-virus subscription is always recommended, it is but one of the several layers of security you should institute. Others include using strong passwords, keeping your MS Windows operating system up-to-date and only browsing well known web sites. No one thing will keep you 100% safe but a combination of layered security is your best bet to fight off infections.


My screen is cracked on my laptop. Can it be fixed?

Yes, usually it can and we can tell you if it will be cost effective before hand. For laptops older than 4 years, it may not be. The labor for screen replacement is $80 (touch screens extra) due at time of drop off. The part can be paid for at pickup and can range in price from $60-$120.

My laptop does not charge. What can cause this?

It usually will be caused by a faulty battery, power cord, or a faulty AC jack where the power cord plugs into. We can check them all. Batteries do commonly wear out and need to be replaced every 1-3 years.

What is the best way to increase my laptops speed?

We recommend replacing your hard drive with a SSD one or "Solid State Device" which has no moving parts. We will have specials on this upgrade from time to time. Let us know if you are interested.

Remote Support

What type of issues can you help with remotely?

Usually as long as your Internet is working and you have a little control over the PC, we can get you to our web site and within seconds be securely connected to you remotely. From here we can usually help with any problems you have, including error messages, popups, spyware and viruses, general maintenance etc.

My computer wont boot into Windows. Can you fix this remotely?

Unfortunately our remote software requires Windows to be loaded first. You would need bring it into us.

Hard Drive

My computer has an error that says 'error reading disk' or something similar. What causes that?

Data Recovery can be attempted with our special software tools. We just hate to see people loose priceless photos etc. and if it can be recovered by us, it will be. For more advance data recovery jobs, we may need to refer your hard drive to our partner Gillware, a well-known national data recovery expert. They can give you a free estimate as well. Let us coordinate the rest, or you can work with them directly.

My computer has an error that says 'error reading disk' or something similar. What causes that?

Your hard drive may have lost its main partition or area that was setup to hold your files. Regular maintenance is required to keep your hard drives "files system" in tune. We can usually recover your files if this has happened.

What backup software do you recommend?

We have partnered with Carbonite because over the many years they have been a leader in easy to use, "set it and forget it" type of backup software. It is also highly flexable with the ability to do cloud based AND external drive backups. We can order and set it up on your computer! The #1 step to protecting your computer is having a easily accessible backup of all your important files.