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Sunday, 03 September 2017 21:01

Security in Layers

Written by Steve
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 Security in layers

A question we get a lot is what's the best antivirus. A big misconception out there is the thought of "If I just had the best antivirus program available, I would be completely safe from online threats!" But the truth is, there is no magic antivirus silver bullet that will slay the computer werewolf of our day, viruses and spyware. If there *was* one piece of software that we could put on your system once and never have security issues, we would *gladly* sell it!

Most computer techs worth their salt will recommend a layered approach to your computers security. For instance...

1. A strong antivirus thats up-to-date. We recommend Eset, a global antivirus software leader for over 25 years that is consistantly ranked in the top 5 antivirus products every year.

2. Using strong passwords. I hope I dont have to point out that if your username is "Elvis", you probably dont want "Presley" as your password! Other password no-no's are using your children's names or birthdays (birth records are public after all). Heck, some people drive around town with a sticker on the back of their car with a diagram of their family members and their names! Pet names are also not recommended. The best passwords consist of words or phrases not found in a dictionary coupled with special characters, numbers and a few capital letters as well.

3. A good backup solution. This is probably the most important layer! Not only should you have a backup of all your files/documents/pictures etc, but your backup should have backups! An external hard drive along with a good residential backup solution will go a long way to give you piece of mind. We recommend Carbonite for home users and have several other options for businesses.

4. Up-to-date Windows. One of the things about software in general is that the authors are constantly fine tuning their product which fix problems of all types including security issues. If you dont update the software, chances are you are missing out on these improvements. If someone is running Windows XP, a operating system that is now over 16 years old, they are missing out on all the security improvements from a more up-to-date operating system like Windows 10. If you are still running Windows XP, it may be time to "put it in the pasture". Contact us today for a new PC quote!


5. Visit only reputable websites. Most of the bigger companies out there will take their website security a little more serious than say a web bloggers website. I can virtually guarantee you that you would never get a virus from Wal-marts website! So stick to companies that are well known.

There may be other security layers you could implement but those 5 are a good starting point to keeping you safe and fully enjoying your computer. Contact us if you have any questions!



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