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TechSavvy Computer Systems

With over 30 years in the computer industry, we know a good PC when we see one!

Don't get sold a computer by a glorified cashier! We can answer any technical questions you have beforehand and get the right system for your home or office.

Our systems include models from Dell, Lenovo, HP and Acer. All models include a 1 year warranty that can be upgraded to 3 years.

The TechSavvy Difference

We will consult with you and ask what specific use you will be using this computer for and your estimated budget. Then we select a few systems at that price range from our many vendors and email you the quotes. 

Once we receive your new computer, we will professionally set it up and optimize it for you. If you would also like professional antivirus protection and a backup solution installed, we will set it up free of charge. We can even transfer your data from your old computer for just $50 when you buy from us, a savings of $50!

Refurbished Computers

We have something for every budget! Like our Windows 10 refurbished computers that come standard with a 1 year warranty!



Our Partners


Why should you buy from us?


Computer Solutions

We offer a full range of computer systems to meet the needs of any user. From low cost systems for people that just need the web and email, to advanced workstations for heavy multitasking work, we can provide the best system for you.


High Quality Parts

We have several partners that provide us with a great range of systems for your budget. Dell, Lenovo, HP, Asus - whatever your preference. Our techs will inspect and setup the system free of charge. Ask about our backup and antivirus solutions!


Support Plans Available

Great hardware is just the start. Computers still need periodic maintenance. What if you could have a local, experienced computer tech to help you when you need it? Our TechSavvy Computer Maintenance Plan can be added to any system.


  • Remote Support 7 days a week
  • Free labor on computer repairs in-store
  • 2 PCs covered on Home Plan
  • Additional 5% off PC sales
  • Discounts on Software
  • Professional advice from local techs

Experienced Technical Support

We have worked many years in technical support for fortune 500 companies and several different computer repair stores. And investing considerable money in our support tools allows us to make short work of most computer problems.


Excellent Value

No other local computer store offers the range of services that we do at these price points. We also periodically check out our competitors pricing and adjust ours accordingly. We are very keen on letting customers know what's the best solution and if something is not cost effective, we tell them!