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TechSavvy recommends Eset antivirus products. They are an industry leader for 30+ years and consistantly rank in the top 5 for many years. They also have a huge selection of software; from mobile devices to email servers they can protect your tech.

There are many options when it comes to computer security products but Eset is an excellent choice.


About Eset

When did Eset Start?

• 1987 – NOD, ESET’s first antivirus code, is developed by ESET’s founders

• 1992 – ESET is officially established

What do they protect against?

ESET protects against all malicious threats; this includes items such as Trojans, viruses, malware, exploits, ransomware, etc. ESET also has the ability to protect against potentially unwanted applications such as toolbars.



Lightweight footprint, high detection rate, low false positives, cross-platform support



• With ESET it is about maintaining a proper balance between lightweight, detection, and false positives
• A single false positive can be detrimental to a company by detecting an everyday application as malicious
• A single missed detection can bring down an entire company
• Not being lightweight can lower productivity and cost companies time and money
• Without proper cross-platform support, companies are sometimes left with OSes that do not have protection installed, or they are utilizing multiple products to cover all of the OSes


For Home Users

Basic Antivirus


1 PC - $59.99 per year

Advanced Security


1 PC - $69.99 per year

Premium Security


1 PC - $79.99 per year



For Business

To protect your business, we recommend either Endpoint Antivirus or the more robust Endpoint Security.

 We like the fact that they design their software to be as lightweight as possible and not bog down the system. It's even designed to detect a slow down and scale back its software until performance improves. 

Eset is an outstanding company that can protect every aspect of your company's systems.

Let us go over the best solutions for your business!


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